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If your website doesn't really bring much new business opportunity you should really check you website search engine optimization, search engine optimization is the process to make your website visible at search engine result in good ranking by delivering quality content and techniques, when your site has a good ranking in industry, brand, and services that you provide, it will bring so much new opportunity to your business from potential customer that can increase your sales and business vendor that will make your products also more valuable.

Even you has great website design / interface it will not guarantee you already applied search engine optimization techniques. Ideally search engine optimization is applied from the beginning your website is design and develop. Search engine optimization is not a onetime task, it's a continuous task. Google search engine has more than 200 Google algorithm factor that affect the search engine optimization and Google continuously updates the algorithm, at ilzicorp we always maintain your search engine optimization to the newest Google algorithm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? While you can instantly rank with Paid Per Click Ads like Google Adwords.

Paid per click ads for example Google Adwords can bring your website pages instantly rank on the first pages, but when the competition getting higher on your targeted keyword the paid per click cost is also getting higher, so you really must allocating some of your digital marketing budget to Search Engine Optimization activity, don't forget never put your eggs in one basket.

By applied Search Engine Optimization to your website pages, it will also makes your Paid Per Click cost more lower because Google also scoring the relevant of your website pages to the Ads that you create well know by Ads Quality Scores - Google Adwords.

Do you really need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Here is the answer support link from Google

How long Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activity will showing results?

Search Engine Optimization activity that being applied today will not showing result within 1 days, it will takes time by how the google search engine works (doing scoring and indexing) & the difficulty level that coming from competition.

At ilzicorp we really taking search engine optimization seriously and only do the "white hat" technic that being allowed by Google.

Beginning from comprehensive site audits, search opportunity analysis, content optimization, social search strategy, link building, and tailored reporting & analysis. We has several search engine optimization packages option that will offer to meet your needs from local to international challenges, because make your business more successful is our pride.

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